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* Due to the following Notice from IOPD, We will be banning all head cams with immediate effect !
The vast majority of deaths and permanent debilitating injuries in Motor Cycle sport are as a result of head and neck injuries (around 6 in 2015). Therefore any unnecessary attachments to a riders helmet which may in any way compound Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE) or brain damage, whiplash, including neck and spinal injuries should be avoided at all costs.
Any reasonable motorcyclist must accept that should they fall from their machine the attachment of a mounted camera on a helmet may cause or compound head and neck and spinal injuries therefore creating an unnecessary risk for the participant.
Riders may attach cameras to their machines and so the IOPD supports Organisers that ban head mounted cams.

* Environmental mats !
Please can all riders be responsible for providing an environmental mat or form of protection for the ground.

MDR reserve the right to change details without notice.