Club Rules

Mercian Dirt Riders Club Rules

1. Strictly No riding in paddock and parking fields.
2. Do not leave ANY litter behind, this will be strictly monitored.
3. Do not start bike engine until 09.30am at the earliest on race days.
4. You must book in prior to the race.
5. Camping is not currently permitted at any of our venues.
6. Dogs, where allowed to attend, must be on a leash at ALL times at an event venue.
7. Children under 10 must be supervised by an adult at all times at an event.
8. Minors under the age of 18 riding in an event must have an adult in attendance at the event at all times.
9. Abuse to any official or marshal will result in disqualification and removal from all results.
10.Course cutting will not be tolerated. Course cutting will result in disqualification.

Forms/prices are subject to change

Tel: 07500 831159